How To Fix Dry Hair At Home

How To Fix Dry Hair At Home

Dry Hair Problem

 So you're done with your shower, and your hair instead of looking soft, shiny, and bouncy, it looks dry, brittle, and stiff like a branch. I know that feeling of hitting your hair because it feels like nothing works on it, so in this article I'll show you how to fix your dry hair and give you some tips and tricks. If you enjoyed it, don't forget to follow, and let's get started trying to fix it.

Dry hair is a little bit tricky because dryness does not necessarily mean all the time your hair needs moisture sometimes dry hair can be assigned and your hair might need some protein dry hair tip I wish I knew sooner is doing the elasticity test listen up ladies and one gentlemen this is super simple test to do to figure it out what exactly your hair needs so first what you're going to need is to have a clean hair strand the one that I have here is from my last shower so now what I'm gonna do next is to wrap the piece of hair around my fingers and then we're gonna go ahead and start stretching it  out like this if right away when when you start pulling your hair immediately snaps it doesn't  even stretch at all this is a sign that your hair is drying out and desperately needs some  moisture now if your hair stretches all the way but it doesn't snap back into its normal form instead looks gummy soft texture and it just stays slim this means your hair needs sprouting now if you stretch the strand all the way and it doesn't break or it looks funny after pulling it out it just goes back to its normal form this is a sign that your hair is balanced so it has the right  amount of moisture and protein which is ideal for your hair and you know it now and you're just  gonna continue reading this article for fun yay now  
Now that you know your hair is desperately in need of moisture and hydration, 

My next dry hair tip is applying a pre-shampoo oil mask. don't be afraid  of using hair oils or natural oils before washing your hair this is coming from someone who has thin fine hair and never has a problem with them instead this is what keeps my hair long and very healthy conditions so basically pre-shampooing consists in covering the lengths and the ends of your hair with a moisturising oil before you shampoo the oil is going to act as a protected layer against shampoo so when you're washing it doesn't strip all the natural oils from your hair which can ultimately prevent breakage and hair drying out after shower when you have dry hair the best oils you can use for pre-shampoo are avocado olive oil jojoba fabasso or Argan Oil if you don't have natural oils then what you can do is to do a pre-oiling mask with your hair  serum The most important thing is to always do a pre-shampoo oil mask every time you wash your hair as a way to prevent dry, dead-looking hair after a shower. I usually warm up my oil before I apply it, and I will recommend you do the same, especially if you have low porosity hair. Once I cover, I leave it in for 10 minutes to allow these strands to be coated in the oil before I wash my hair. If you don't know the type of water you wash with,Your hair with it can have a massive impact on how your hair looks after it can definitely dry your hair like crazy or even cause hair fall, 

So my next dry hair tip I wish I knew earlier for healthy hair is to use a shower head filter. the best water to wash your hair is soft water but unfortunately most of us wash our hair with hard water which contains calcium and magnesium and also this type of water has chlorine and other drying chemicals all this stuff can cause buildup on your hair and clog your hair follicles causing tonnes of dryness and sometimes hair fall so this is why installing a shower head filter can help you to purify your water by removing chemicals and drying contaminants from it and once you make this change I promise you're gonna experience a new level of clean soft hair and skin as well  by the way a simple way to know if you're washing your hair with hot water is to look at the base of your shower head and if you see why build up residue or white water spots around your shower or sink once it's dry that is an indicator then you have hard water and what you're seeing is mineral  buildup and that is how it can build up over time on your hair too which can ultimately over dry your hair however if you're not able to install a shower filter right now what you can do to reduce this type of damage is to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo once a week to make sure you're  lifting up all the buildup on your hair and scalp so that when you put on hydration and moisture. 

It can effectively get in if you don't know your hair wash routine can have an impact on how dry or not dry your hair can be after So based on this my next dry hair tip for healthy hair is to use a  moisturising sulphate free shampoo sulphates are strong detergents and therefore they're going to remove sea wound buildup and debris which is good for making sure your hair is clean but not only  that they're also going to remove the natural oils to keep your hair moisturised and when this happens it can lead to tonnes of dry is especially if your hair is already dry this is a big No-No you should be avoiding them for this reason on the other hand sulphur free shampoos use gentle  cleansing ingredients to remove dirt and build up without stripping the natural oils on your hair which in the long run can contribute to moisture retention tame frizz and even reduce scalp  irritations so when you have dry hair make sure to use one with mild cleansing agents and lots of conditioning ingredients like oils such as Oregon avocado Macadamia coconut and olive oil and even  glycerin can help you a lot I know warehouse sulphate-free shampoos don't lather much, and most of us need to see leather to feel like we're cleaning, which is not how it works, but it kind of drags us into the mistake of overusing shampoo, which can definitely lead to dryness. 

So to avoid this what you're gonna do is to wash with a quarter size shampoo first this is going to break down the dirt and sea bone and you won't see much lather but that's okay just focus some washing only the scalp for about a minute and once you rinse you're gonna use another quarter size of shampoo to clean one more time and in this time girl you're gonna see nice bubbles like too many I'll say and this trick is super useful because it helps me to have that clean hair feeling afterwards but without the effect of my hair looking strap another important reason why your hair is feeling dry and dull after hair wash could be due to your conditioning technique so for this my next dry hair tip I wish I knew earlier for healthy hair is using the squish to condition technique first of all. 

If you're not conditioning your hair after shampooing even if you use a sulphate free shampoo you're  gonna experience extremely dry hair so never skip it for me this is the most important step in treating dry hair because this is the point where you can repair by adding hydration and moisture to your hair right away however it is surprising how many people still don't know how to condition their hair which can definitely lead you to tonnes of dryness because hair is not absorbing when body needs to stay moisturised after shampoo so when it's time to condition we're gonna do the squish  chicken dish technique and this is how you do it on straight hair so first we're gonna remove the excess water by gently squeezing the water with your hands like this we're only gonna repeat this twice you don't want to apply conditioner when your hair is soaking wet because it will kind of slip off but with this method you want to leave a little bit of water on the hair and now you're gonna cover the lengths and the ends of your hair with conditioner or a hair mask and once your  hair is coated you're gonna begin to gently squeeze your hair all the way down in this exact way and this would be the sound your hair should make I repeat this squishy movement five times  on each side then I cover and leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it out with cold water. 

This method not only helps to coat each strand to lock in moisture also forces hydration from water to bond with the hair when you do this I find this super useful to do it when I experience brittle hair or dry ends in summer now if you have curly wavy hair the technique is a little bit different in this case instead of only squeezing you're going to flip your hair upside down and  then using gentle motion you're going to scrunch your hair up and squeeze them repeatedly every time you collect the water or scrunch the sound should be the same and once you're done you rinse and style your hair as usual the way you take care of your hair after your hair wash is a crucial step in maintaining soft towel moisturised hair so my next dry hair tip is using a microfiber towel to seal moisture The most damaging way to towel dry your hair is when you use a regular towel and you rub it vigorously against your hair. This will roughen up the cuticles, and with this, the moisture is more likely to escape, causing you dryness and breakage over time. Instead, if you use a hair towel, this allows you to manipulate your wet hair as gently as possible. So after a shower, what you're going to do first is squeeze a little bit of the excess water, and then using your hair towel, you're going to squeeze one more time like this before you cover your hair with the hair towel. 

I'm going to give you another important dry hair tip I wish I knew earlier, which is to apply your leave-in conditioner and hair serum before you cover your hair. livingston hair serums are the ones who are going to help you to retain moisture after washing a leave-in conditioner works on forming a barrier around your hair adding moisture and a hair serum  seals that barrier so that the moisture doesn't escape and your hair doesn't end up drying out so I used to apply this product after leaving my microfiber towel for15 minutes but what I do now is to apply the products right away and then I cover my hair with the hair towel as usual and  this combination locks and seal the moisture much better than applying the products after because the hair towel acts as a steamer and allows the products to go in much better and the difference is out of this world when I'm suffering with dry hair or want to air dry I do this hack and my hair dries out not looking greasy or puffy it just looks so healthy and shiny afterwards during the week on the days and you don't wash your hair.

It is important to protect the moisture as much as possible, so my next dry hair tip for healthy hair is to shower with a microfiber towel to prevent dryness. the best thing you can do to protect your hair from the seam of the shower is to cover your hair with a microfiber tell the steam from the shower dehydrates your hair and when it has  contact with your strands it lifts the cuticle allowing the moisture from your hair to escape and as a result your hair can become more prone to be frizzy puffy and dry and all these things can actually break your hair so the way I do this is pretty simple before hopping in the shower I cover my hair with one of these microfiber towels I make sure to cover all the hairline to avoid flyaways and then I shower as usual microfiber towels work effectively in preventing dryness because the fabric is what it ends up absorbing all the Steam and not your hair so this is another reason why you should have one of these and once I'm done with my shower I only take off the towel until there is no more seam left because if you do it right away then your hair will end up absorbing the Steam and we want to prevent that to happen.

Sometimes when you do the hair strength test sometimes the hair snaps but it also if you look at the hair and it looks like gummy like a funny texture that also means your lack of moisture and protein and something that you can do at this point is to have a hair mask that provides moisture and protein at the same time there are a few ones in the market but one of my favourite ones the yoghurt one this one right here and now that I'm thinking about it I don't know why I don't have it also another thing that I forgot to say in this article is that I like to do this hair strand test every other week just to make sure that my hair still has the right amount of moisture protein to save balance to  stay healthy 

So I really hope you guys enjoy learn from this article and if you did don't forget to share some love to me by following to this blog right here thank you so much for reading and I hope all good to see you in the next article.

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