Mourning Beauty Tips

Mourning Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips At Home

 Hello friend, I hope everything is going well, so today I'm going to show you some of my top productive beauty tips that will transform your morning into a more positive, confident, and healthy one. If you enjoyed it, don't forget to follow this blog.

Let's start with the first productive Beauty tip which is drinking water to wake up yourself if you want to start waking up early and you can stop turning off the alarm and going back to bed and you just want to get out of that vicious cycle it is possible to do it when you put a glass of water right next to your bed the main benefit I notice on doing this is that it helps me in replacing this all habit of snoozing the alarm as soon as I hear it with a new morning habit of reaching out for the glass of water instead of my phone so all you do here is to put a glass of water right next to your bed and when you hear the alarm in the morning you get up and the first thing you do is to drink the glass of water slowly and once you finish drinking the water you're gonna be fully awake also drinking water on empty stomach has many Beauty benefits as well it flushes toxins cleans the body hydrates the skin and hair and all this is gonna  contribute to a healthy start of your day. 

My next productive beauty tip is making your bed in the morning I know this might not seem important but in fact making your bed actually scientifically does increase your productivity for the rest of your day it can give you a greater sense of well-being boost your confidence and elevate the feeling of accomplishment in the morning I like this tip because teaching your brain how to make your bed every single day it forms a new habit so when you want to start adding new healthy habits like dreating exercising self-care time they all form quickly because you taught yourself how to be consistent with a healthy habit so it becomes less difficult to add new ones in the future for me seeing my bed already made in the morning gets me such a great sense of discipline makes me feel healthy and put together which definitely has a positive impact for the rest of day.  

If you're like me and constantly worry about body odours, especially mouth odour, and you want to have fresh breath all day long, all you've got to do is floss your teeth with toothpaste in the morning. Flossing your teeth first thing in the morning is actually a productive habit to do, but it can boost your confidence because your teeth will stay in healthy conditions. So what I like to do here every morning before brushing my teeth is put a little bit of toothpaste on the floss, and then I floss my teeth as usual. This is going to encourage a deeper clean between the gaps and give you super fresh breath. Flossing in the morning helps you to loosen up the bacteria, plaque, and other residue between your teeth that has built up overnight, and it stops smells from other foods from sinking into your breath. Plus, I feel so confident in myself because my mouth always feels super clean and smells super fresh for the rest of the day, so I don't have to be worried about stinky breath.

Before taking my morning shower, I've been doing meditation as a way to increase my productivity, reduce procrastination and inflammation in the body, and also boost my self-love. So all I do is sit down in a quiet place, close my eyes, and focus on my breathing. While I do this, I do my positive affirmations for the day. One of my favourites is Every day above ground is a good day. I'd really like to think about the meaning of these words so they can stick with me. When you meditate for 20 minutes in the morning, it can help you to limit your wandering so you'll make better decisions, which can reduce the amount of stress, and as a result, you'll find yourself procrastinating less often. Less stress can improve the quality of your skin and AIDS. This simple Act of meditation makes me feel so weightless, like a way to just lift my shoulders. I also feel very happy and grateful, and it gets me ready to start my day.

Washing my body is an important step in my morning skincare routine, so a super useful productive beauty tip is to double cleanse your body to remove dirt, exfoliate, and smell good after. There is something about showering every day that makes me feel so productive and beautiful, like I'm ready to conquer the world when I do it, and if I skip it, I feel like a mess and very aware of the fact that I might smell, which triggers my anxiety about the moon, which is not good. What I like to do to ensure baby soft skin and a deeper clean every day is to use an exfoliating glove with any body wash, and when I clean, I always focus on my back, armpit creases, and feet because these are the places where this unwanted residue tends to stack a little bit more, and then I rinse and repeat the same wash one more time.

Another productive beauty tip is to cover your body with Vaseline after shower moisturising your body daily is another productive beauty habit that not a lot of us remember to do but oh boy when you do it consistently you feel like an amazonian goddess ready to start your 1 billion company after this method with vaseline is going to prevent air conditioner or humidity drying out your skin so what you're gonna do is right after you shower to lock in the moisture you're gonna mix some lotion with a little bit of amount of vaseline in this way and once you have this creamy paste you're gonna apply all over your body especially focus on the elbows chest back legs and feet which are the parts of your body that tends to dry faster once you're done you're gonna feel your skin so soft and moisturised and definitely this filling will put you in the right mindset to begin your day with tonnes of confidence.  

I suffer from acne spots and bumpy skin you know these things are very stubborn to get rid of it so if you deal with the same my next productive  beauty tip is to use vitamin C in your morning skincare routine part of feeling productive during my day also involves taking care of my skin regularly so what I do in the morning after washing my face on dry skin I apply a full pump of my vitamin C serum all over my face including my eyelids lips ears neck and hands then I wait for one minute to get it absorbed and after this I follow up with sunscreen there are studies showing the mindful skincare routine can improve your mental health by reducing cortisol levels and this can definitely boost your self-esteem and I don't know if it's just me but doing my skincare daily makes me feel accomplished super calmed and extremely happy after some mornings. 

I wake up feeling a lot of anxiety about the amount of things I have to get done for the day so to relieve the stress in my mind I like to use the productive beauty tip of journaling the negative thoughts when you keep anxiety and stress inside of you it really affects the way you think the way you act your mood and all these things can make you less productive and even ate you really fast and grade your hair if you don't work on it I like this tip because with journaling I can play my mornings so I feel less stressed about forgetting things and at night I like to write about how I feel at the end of the day the best benefit about journaling is that it can help you to improve your mood by helping you to prioritise problems fears and concerns when you track your everyday is more easy to recognise triggers and learn ways of how to control them or even fix them generally also gives you a space for positive self-talk and the most important thing strengthens your self-worth.  

I really hope you guys enjoy this article. Take care, and see you next time.

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