Skin Care Tips While Shaving For Women

Skin Care Tips While Shaving For Women

Women Shaving Tips

 I feel crusty. I'm missing nails. I haven't shaved in like two weeks. I haven't washed my hair in 10 days. At this point, I'm a mess. You get the point. So in this article, I'm going to take you on a journey. So I'm going to wax and shave. I'm going to do my nails because there are messes. I'm going to do my hair because I haven't done anything for my hair for the past two weeks. From head to toe, I'm going to try to glow up myself now that the summer has just started. The reason I haven't been able to take care of myself for the past two weeks is because my husband has been sick. When men get sick, they're so useless. I don't get it. I love my husband, okay, but he just becomes completely useless. I always like something else. Your Majesty, this is literally me all the time when I get sick. You know what I get? A kiss in the head and there You know, we're always hanging out here where I poop. What I'm going to do is put some treatment on my hair. My hair is so gross.

I'm going to join Sarah hundred. I was only seven dollars, and it's supposed to be very similar to all the plaques and bomb trimming, and the reason I'm using this product is because, you know, with this protein treatment, I need to shampoo first. I don't want to show you how I wash my hair because we have done it a lot of times, right? I'm not saying it's enough times today. I'm going to give you a break. It's got another baby skull shampoo. I really like this product. Ah, now I never forget to detangle my hair before washing or anything, but I did this time. I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't like it, but I like it. If you ever go to detangle your hair when it's wet, at least have conditioner or a type of creamy treatment like this. It glides easily and doesn't break when it's wet.

If you want to brush it gross during summer, I usually wax my bikini area. These are the wax strips that I'm going to be using. They're really good. They hurt you the same way that walking hurts you. It's about time. First, before you wax, you need to like clean your skin so it doesn't have oil or creams or stuff like that on it. I find waxing my bikini area easier standing. I tried laying on the bed, but I knew it was not good. Okay, you just stand on your ground and act like a full-grown woman and just rip it off.

Wake up wondering where I am if I'm in Costa Rica or in the United States anyways. I'm going to use this beloved champagne grapes and rose bath bomb. This is a bath bomb, so I'm doing a bath time to relax my legs to relax myself too, but also because I want to use a hamang glove, so I just need my skin to be a little bit soaked, like soft, before I remove all that dead skin.

My nose has a lot of blackheads; it's kind of gross. I haven't done like a deep cleaning on my face, so I'm going in with the carbonated bubble clay mask. Oh, this is something that I've been wanting to try for years. That's exactly how I imagined this bubble mask would look like a bee. I love it from looking cute and bubbly to looking terrifying. Oh, I do. I look like a melting way. Oh, what a fail.

All right, here's the hamang glove. This is a new hamang glove that I just bought from Natural Elephant. When I need to do like a deep, deep exfoliation, this is the stuff that I love to use right now. I'm not seeing any dead skin. All I'm seeing is red skin. Oh, I'm seeing it. Girl, you see all that stuff. Oh, that was last winter. I'm still going to exfoliate more now.

I'm gonna go in with three hot vitamins C. I love how my skin looks after it's so bright, so I'm just going to grab a good amount. This sugar scrub also has alpha hydrostic acid, which is a chemical exfoliator, and I like to use it on my armpits before I shave so that I prevent ingrown hairs. Look at the brightness on my skin. This is what I'm taking a bath with when I go to Target to shop for self-care products. My husband always drops me off and like picks me up three hours later because that's who I am. I love to shop at Target. I'm a water person. I don't know why I said that my feet are so crusty. The wanam on the back touches my sheets and makes sounds. That's how bad and nasty my feet are. So I'm going to use this foot file that tickles. There's a lot of stuff in there that I was just saving for later.

Since I was in high school, school started on Monday, so every Sunday I'll take that time to glow up myself a little bit. Mama used to tease me because every Sunday she'd open the door and she'd come in and I'd have like an egg face mask and I'd be like, "So dry you just drive." That was a good thing about my mom; she never made me feel bad about wasting her eggs. Look at all the dead skin. Don't ask me how long I've been in this shower. Okay, so now I'm going to shade, so I'm going to go in with Gillette Venus. This is the extra smooth; it is for sensitive skin, and now you pull it. For shaving, I'm also using EOS; this is the citrus pink, and it smells so delicious. After using the magic eraser, I couldn't shave for a while because my skin was in such bad shape. I'm so glad I didn't use that on some other areas of my skin.

Look at that! I love to shave when my skin is this exfoliated. Everything glides so smoothly. It's like beautiful. What else next? I'm going to remove the hair mask. Yeah, I hope everything gets okay. Wow, my hair feels incredible and so silky. For body wash, I'm going to go in with Aveeno Daily Moisturiser. This version does have a little bit of fragrance, and I'm going to wash with this African Net.

I got this because I saw it on Tech talk and I was like so curious about like how does it feel this thing is incredible the material dries out so fast which is really good because it's not gonna harvest bacteria if you have like a hard time  reaching your back you can just use this and like scrub your back like this it makes your body washes to last you because you don't need to add a lot of body wash for this thing to do this much louder finally I'm out of the shower I feel so accomplished already now that I don't have no armpit hair I'm about to shower I'm just going to show you real quick what I do what I'm gonna do next is to remove my facial hair and also plot some eyebrows massage time like April 11th says I'm losing my grip  

I don't know where my eyebrow scissors are, so I'm going to have to use my hair scissors, like myself. I still have a few more things to do. I wanted to do something for my hair, so I'm going to wait for it to get 80 percent dry. I also still need to do my nails, so I'm just going to put on some clothes, probably eat, and then I'll come back.

I ate some sushi and I crashed, and I also realised that I fell asleep with wet hair. I'm going to do my hair now, and I got these rollers. This is from Conair. Last time I did rollish on my hair, it was like a long time ago, and I remember taking them off and ripping my hair. Things are not going my way. I feel like it might happen. You're supposed to put this stuff here and then roll it, and this is when you curl secure. I'm down in the process too. Okay, it's so difficult to put rollers on such a long haired was supposed to be like this.

I should have done it before, right? Oh, okay, once I click this home, I'm ready to go out of earth. I'm going to connect this thing to the hair dryer. I'm going to turn it on. So I did that for like 10 minutes. In some moments, I was putting on some heat, and in other moments, I was putting on so much cold air. At the end, I put on some cool air. Now I'm just going to let them stay right here until I'm done so that my hair curls or whatever for my nails I'm going to try it on these reusable present nails. When I saw them at the store, I was like, "These are so pretty and perfect for summer." It drives me crazy to have uneven nail sizes. I just can't, so I'm going to trim them.

I ordered a very cute dress on Cider, but it didn't fit me, so I got the Fashion Nova dress. This is the dress that I wanted to wear; it's a very cute I'm also going to pair them with these really cute sandals, so I'm gonna put this on. Look how cute my nails match with the dress. Now let's take the rollers. Instead of pulling the roller, which is going to probably pull a lot of hair and rip up some hair, what you gotta do is twist the hair while you undo the waller, so it doesn't cause tension or like pull your hair. Oh wow, that is so true. Same old, same. I'm done with them. Yeah, there's no hair left in there as well.

I mean, I need to practise, obviously. I like the waviness that I got on my hair. I'm going to wear this limp plumper. I feel very pretty. I feel much better than yesterday. The only thing that I do regret is my hair. I feel like the rollers make my hair very puffy. My technique probably wasn't good, or the rollers are not for me. But it's okay.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this article, and if you did, don't forget to share some love with me by following this blog right here. Thank you so much for visiting, and I hope I'll get to see you in the next article.

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