Hair Loss Treatment At Home

Hair Loss Treatment At Home

Hair Fall Tips

Every day I notice so many friends telling me you're losing your hair, you're going bold, and you don't know what to do, and I get it. It's traumatising to see your hair falling in clumps in the shower or when you run your fingers through it, so in this article I want to share with you some of my top hair loss tips that I wish I knew earlier for maintaining healthy long hair. 

So let's begin with the first hair loss step, which is washing your hair more often. Scalp health is going to be your priority when you're losing your hair in chunks. when a person goes through hair loss the seasons secreted from your scalp acts as a carrier for DHT which is the hormone that causes hair loss and if you let it sit for a very long time it can further aggravate your hair loss so when you wash your hair often you can actually decrease the amount of DHT that it can contribute to hair loss by decreasing the amount of oil on your scalp to be very honest I never liked the idea of washing my hair daily because it can be drying for the actual hair however I found washing your hair every three days is the perfect balance that ensures you removing harmful sea wound but at the same time the appearance of your hair won't get affected much by this constant wash  once you have it under control you can come back to your normal hair wash routine if you would like because it can definitely be more beneficial for some people to wash their hair less often but not so much for those with hair Fall problems. 

My next hair loss tip I wish I knew earlier is  prioritising weekly scalp exfoliations I get it when you're losing your hair like crazy the  less We Touch our hair the better so we don't get upset but this is the time when your hair  follicles need to be as clean and unclogged as possible so they can absorb nutrients much better in the past I have used so many scalp exfoliators and let me tell you the best scalp exfoliation you can do while you have hair loss is the one that requires less physical rubbing on the hair so using glycolic acid or any type of chemical exfoliator is the best idea during hair fall and  always exfoliate twice a week according to studies scalp exfoliation can increase hair fullness and reduce hair shedding by controlling dandruff which is a yeast that it can potentially irritate the hair follicles also scalp exfoliations work along with hair growth treatments to be more effective however there is one thing I will personally suggest you to stay awake right now when you have hair fall which is using this type of scalp exfoliators because the scrubbing can be too much on your weak hair follicles and all we're trying to accomplish here is to exfoliate the skin with the minimum effort using the rice shampoo in this fragile moment it is so important because it can  break or blast in your hair especially when you're facing hair fall you need to be a little bit picky of what you use on your hair. 

My next hair loss Sip for healthy hair is to use a sink or ketoconazole shampoo. These types of shampoos are the most recommended to use on hair loss because these ingredients threaten weak hair follicles, remove impurities from the scalp, and push your scalp to grow more hair. When you shampoo, do it with warm water, never hot water, because it can weaken and dehydrate your hair. Also, hot water can make you produce more sebum faster, which is not ideal during this time. When you wash, do it in a gentle motion. You don't have to go hard on your scalp or use your nails. Both of these actions can harm your scalp and cause more hair loss. Make sure to take your time when you clean your scalp. three minutes is ideal for removing Di HTC One and for accomplishing a very clean scalp afterwards and by the way if you can get this type of shampoo then do the hair hack of mixing on your hand five drops of rosemary oil with your shampoo massage into your scalp and then leave it in for 5 minutes and after this rinse as usual even though hair loss happens from The Roots it is important that every time you wash your hair you use a hydrating conditioner or hair mask to prevent dryness and breakage on your hair in this simple step can definitely prevent or even stop hair breakage from getting worse stress can push your hair follicles into a resting  phase it reduces blood flow to the scalp and when this happens our hair follicles don't get enough oxygen and that is why hair begins to fall.

My next hair loss tip is to do the detomenses therapy massage daily scalp massages when they are done right and consistent can cause blood vessels to expand Under the Skin generating more blood flow to the hair follicles which causes them to produce thicker healthier hair strands if you don't know this is the most effective scalp massage for hair loss because it puts enough pressure on the scalp to produce more blood flow in the hair follicles to wake them up and to stop hair loss when you do this massage do it without oils or before using  hair oils or any type of hair growth treatments so the massage begins with a warm up and you need to warm up the escal for two minutes so for this you're gonna use your knuckles and then with a back and forth motion use a mild strong pressure start by massaging weak points around your scalp like the crown temples the back of your hair you know you're putting good pressure on the massage when your arms start to burn trust me after this we're gonna proceed to pinch the scalp for three minutes the motion you're gonna do here is similar to when you poke a pimple but in this case we're not using the nails only using the fingertips in this exact way and once again you're gonna Focus the pinch on the temples Crown metal partying and the back of your head for this massage to work it needs to be repeated twice a day so in the morning and at night for five minutes each time to make it effective by the way I only do this type of scalp massage when I see a lot of hair shedding happening and I would suggest you that if you're struggling with hair loss this is a type of massage you want to implement in your routine. 

My next hair loss tip is using Rosemary toner to promote hair growth if there is one natural remedy I can suggest you when you're going through hair fall is Rosemary this natural remedy is considered to be almost as effective as minoxidil which is a regrowth medication yes it can take months and consistency for you to see regrowth but this blend really works so the way you make this hair growth toner is very simple all you gotta do is to brew three tablespoons of dry rosemary leaves in two cups of water for 30 minutes once the Rosemary properties bond with the water and the water looks brownish go ahead and strain the mixture and then store it in a spray bottle and right after you do the scalp massage in the morning this is the time when you apply this Rosemary toner all over your scalp to stimulate hair growth I usually spray it a little bit only on the scalp and not on the ends of my hair and when you apply make sure most of the application goes to the thinning areas of your scalp and you can use this daily if you want to but also four times a week will still do wonders on your hair by the way I like to use rosemary water during excessive hair shedding because I can use it daily to stop hair fall on the other hand with rosemary oil I like to use it less often during the week and when I'm not facing careful when hair starts to fall excessively in clumps this is a sign that not enough oxygen is getting to your hair follicles.  

My next hair loss tip I wish I knew earlier is to drink the right amount of water water transports oxygen so when enough water is in your body nutrients are absorbed and distributed throughout the body much easier drinking water also increases the amount  of oxygen on your hair follicles cleansesia scalp from mineral buildup that causes hair breakage and loss and it is the most effective way to keep your skin on your scalp and your hair very hydrated however not everybody requires to drink the same amount of water during the day because we're different sizes and depending on this depends how much water your body needs so so the way we figured this out is quite simple so you're gonna take your weight and if you do it in pounds take that number and divide it by 16 and the results you get is how much glasses of water a day you need to intake now if you calculate your weight in kilogrammes take this number and divide it by seven and again the result you get indicates how many glasses of water a day you need for your body to stay hydrated to create tonnes of oxygen by the way make sure to drink your water during the day and not in one sitting because it can be too much for you and trust me you don't accomplish much with this same with water Protein plays an important role in hair growth, so if you're not consuming enough protein in your diet, your hair is more likely to become dry and brittle, and in some cases, extremely low protein diets have been shown to promote hair loss. 

My next hair loss tip is eating eggs. Weekly hair is mostly made of protein, so ensuring you have enough of it daily is crucial for making weak hair stronger and healthier again, and eggs aren't a great source of protein and biotin, which are two essential nutrients for hair growth. You can eat one egg every other day to provide your scalp with these important vitamins, and for the rest of the day, you can have any type of protein you prefer, whether it's from meat or vegetables. I also enjoy drinking plant-based protein smoothies during the day, which makes it easy for me to keep up with the protein intake, plus these are super delicious to have. I know how difficult it is to stop fixating and stop thinking about your hair fall. 

My next hair loss tip is getting natural vitamin D. There's evidence that when you have a vitamin D deficiency, it can cause hair loss, other hair problems, and even depression. Vitamin D is important for your hair growth because it reduces inflammation and stimulates hair follicles to grow. In my opinion, the best way to get this important vitamin in your body is from sun exposure, so the way I do this is just by taking some time to walk around when the sun is not strong. Walking is literally a hair loss medicine as well. The more you do it, the more it's going to help you get rid of cortisol in your body. It's going to improve blood circulation and release happy hormones. walking for an hour daily also helps you to improve your mental health during this really rough times when I walk I like to be present I like to admire the colours around me the name nature I love taking deep breaths and I just practise to allow myself to enjoy this time without worrying about my problems and this simple act really makes a difference on how I feel for the rest of the day like I feel way more calm after hair loss is a very complicated topic is not triggered by one simple thing it could be triggered by so many things from stress it could be a thyroid problem it could be a PCOS problem it could be generic or you're applying something on your scalp that is irritating it could be so many things like I said if you can go to a doctor definitely do it get checked so it can help you to figure it out why are you losing hair The tips that I'm giving you are good practises to do when you're going through hair fall, and also, I just wanted to say that you are more than your hair; you are a beautiful, loving human being, and your hair doesn't define who you are; who you are as a person is what defines you. 

I really hope you enjoy and learn from this article, and if you did, don't forget to share some love with me by following this blog right here. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope I'll get to see you in the next article.

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