The Secret Of Hair Growth

The Secret Of Hair Growth

Hair Growth Secret

 In this article, I'm going to show you the secrets of how to deep-oil your hair for extreme hair growth.

Let's get started with the first secret of deep oiling, which is doing a five-minute scout massage before oiling. Scalp massages are key to deep oiling because these are going to help straighten your roots, boost blood circulation, give you healthy, longer hair, and most importantly, promote better absorption of nutrients in your scalp when you apply the oil. The secret here is to massage before oiling so that you avoid causing breakage on your strands, and to use the skull over the scalp. moustache method this technique used for hair growth consists in placing both of your hands on the sides of your scalp like this and then use a medium pressure you're gonna  push your scalp forward in this way deposits or any type of restriction and blood flow that it can stop hair growth and ultimately help you to promote healthy new hair growth when you do this massage properly you're gonna feel how your entire scalp is moving it tingles and it feels so relaxing however do your best to relax your face when you do this because if you put any type of tension like smiling while moving the scalp it feels like your entire face is stretching and it's not like a good feeling just look at the weird face that I did after the massage my scalp is feeling so warm but my hair is a little bit tangly so I'm gonna detangle my hair from roots real quick with this wooden comb when you detangle your hair before oiling it helps to spread the oil evenly throughout the entire hair. 

Next secret of deep hair oiling which is oiling your scalp in sections with deep oiling you want to take a banish of applying the oil onto your scalp first because of the massage we just did so the hair growth oils I'm using for this routine is a mixture of pumpkin seed rosemary amla and vitamin E oil however for deep oiling you can use any hair oil that is suitable for your hair type just make sure to always have an essential hair growth oil in your mixture so the secret here is to part your hair into small sections when you apply the oil so that you can get the oil well distributed in the most important areas of your scalp like the crown temples hairline the middle of the back of your head and the base of your hair also using a dropper or a bottle applicator makes this application easier and effective because you're gonna be able to reach out the streaky parts of your scalp which is ski and deep oily to keep those hair follicles strong and in constant growth after oiling my scalp Another secret of deep oiling is to also treat the ends of your hair with a different oil than you use for your scalp. For deep oiling your hair, the best oil you can use is a lightweight moisturising oil, so for my hair, I'm oiling with avocado oil, and all I'm going to do is apply a few drops of this oil on my hands, and then I'm going to drag the oil from the roots all the way to the ends, always avoiding drenching the hair in oil. It is impossible to achieve long, healthy hair if the ends of your hair are constantly breaking, so that is why deep boiling your hair can help you to protect them from split ends and at the same time help you to retain length. Avocado oil has been the best oil I've used on my high porosity, thin hair, and after one application, I can feel how much it restores the moisture, shine, and health of my hair. Now that I have oiled my scalp and hair, what I'm going to do next is wrap my hair around my head so that my hair is protected when I do the next step.

I'm going to do here is part my hair in two, then twist the bottom like this and then cross them around my head in this way, then secure both sides with bobby pins, and after this, we're going to move on to the most important secret of deep oiling, which is wrapping your whole hair in plastic wrap. This is literally the main secret of deep oiling for hair growth. It is said that when you cover your hair in plastic wrap, the plastic wrap has a steamer effect, meaning that all the heat coming from your scalp is going to get sealed in there, hoping the oils you already put on will stay warm for hours, which ultimately will help them to penetrate much faster and absorb much better. As you can see, the wrapping technique here is pretty simple. I like to start in the back, and then I wrap about three times and press the wrap against my head to secure it in place. after this I'm going to take an old shirt and cover my whole hair with this to make sure everything is sealed and covered very well you can use a scarf or even a microfiber towel if you prefer with deep oiling you gotta cover the plastic wrap with some cloth material to create that trapped heat that we really need after we're done with all the wrapping the next secret of deep hair oiling is to let the oil stay minimum two hours maximum four hours on your hair the method deep oily uses is super effective in reducing time of absorption so you don't need to let the oil sit for 8 hours or even overnight for them to get absorbed fast trust me in just a couple of hours when you take this wrap off you're gonna barely have any oil residue on your scalp or your hair which is a good sign that the oil has been completely absorbed telling me there's something something went in in there and that is how you get all the nutrients from the oil to promote hair growth to treat hair loss and just in general to keep your hair soft and looking very healthy washing your hair after deep oiling it feels like you have a protective barrier on your hair when you enter the shower which is another secret of deep oiling it prevents swelling of the hair because the oil has penetrate the hair first so that when it has content with water there's not a lot of room for water to get absorbed and believe it or not this  prevents hair damage so in this step I just wash with sulphate free shampoo I take my time and I apply conditioner and finish with cold water, even though the oil is now in the hair. It's pretty simple to wash it off, and as someone with thin hair, I haven't had any oil residue afterwards. When my hair dries, it doesn't get puffy; it actually dries very nicely and faster. So after the shower, I'm just going to keep it simple, and I'm only going to apply a few drops of this hair serum to seal the cuticle.

I will suggest you to do the same okay what I'm going to do next is just to let  my hair to air dry and for that I have to do my 10 000 steps a day and I had to go for a walk now that will help to get my hair dry faster I'm gonna do that and then I will show you how my hair looks and the final result okay I know deep boiling takes time but the results are beautiful my hair feels so healthy very silky and extremely soft right after it got dry I can really see the oil benefits reflecting on my hair like it's backed on looking shiny bouncy and it has a  better volume which I love so much another secret of deep oiling is to do these oil treatments once or even twice a week but no more than that you want to be consistent every week with deep oil to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss but also need to allow your hair follicles to breathe to give them a break from oiling so that you can provide a balance in your routine to see the best results possible If you don't have a heated cap when you do your oiling routines and you always put your hair in a claw clip after you oil your hair, stop doing that and do this because this is exactly the way to increase your hair growth, maximise your oils, and get the best results possible. This is not my first time doing a deep oiling routine; I just didn't know it was called deep oiling.

I really hope you also enjoy it, and if you do, don't forget to share some love with me and follow this blog right here. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope I'll get to see you in the next article.

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