Morning Routine For Hair Growth

Morning routine for hair growth

Morning Hair Growth Tips

Hi friends in today's article. I'm going to learn you some of my top warning hair growth hacks, that it will keep your hair in constant growth. 

 Let's start with the first morning hair growth tip, which is showering with a microfower towel to protect your hair from breakage. If you don't wash your hair daily but you take daily showers to clean your body, like I do the best thing you can do to protect the lens of your hair from the seam of the shower is to cover your hair with a microfiber towel the steam from the shower dehydrates your hair and when it has contact with your strands it lifts the cuticle allowing the moisture from your hair to escape and also result your hair can become more prone to be frizzy, puffy and dry and all these things can actually break your hair, so the way I do this is pretty simple in the morning a few minutes before hopping in the shower. I cover my hair with one of these microfiber towels. I make sure to cover my entire hair including the hairline, because if you don't you're gonna have flyaways and we don't want that right and then I shower as usual and by the way after trying many methods. I noticed that microfire towels work effectively in preventing this, because the fabric is what it ends up absorbing all the seam and not your hair and once I'm done with my shower I only take off the towel until there is no more seam in the bathroom, because if you do it right away then your all the hair will end up absorbing happen after a seam and we don't want that to shower. 

I always feel hungry, so my next morning hair growth tip is having a hair growth smoothie for breakfast diet plays a massive role in hair growth. It can help you to boost it or even it can stunt your growth, because your hair follicles absorb nutrients, so if you're eating and drinking the right vitamins and proteins that benefit your hair, it's a lot more likely you'll grow stronger and healthier hair in the months to come, so the way I make this hair growth smoothie is pretty simple I just blend one banana half a cup of oats and then I add one tablespoon of flat seeds, one cup of almond milk and one cup of water after this I transferred the mixture to a glass and as a part of my breakfast. I drink this first thing in the morning every single day. It tastes so good. It gives me pretty fill and it boots my morning energy like crazy. I love this smoothie, because it contains the best vitamins for hair growth which are vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin E, zinc, Biotin and iron all of these are essential ones for your hair to stay healthy and for helping you to prevent your shedding and thinning and if you feel like you don't get much of these essential vitamins daily, then make sure to include this smoothie in your morning every day to keep up with your growth another effective way to increase hair growth. 

In the mornings is to start your day with the skull over scalp massage. It is proven that scalp massages can really work wonders in encouraging stronger hair growth and increasing hair density. If you do them daily and correctly the thing is most of us tend to massage our scalp by rubbing the scalp like this and unfortunately doing it in this way. It is actually not that effective for hair growth can cause breakage on your baby hairs. If you're too rough and even fresh, so what you want to do instead is see a scalp over skull massage method which basically consists in placing the palms of your hands on the side of your head and then using medium pressure on both sides you're going to push this scalp forward in this exact way and you do this massage for five minutes every time you massage one part do it for a few seconds and then move to another section massaging in the same way until you cover your whole head when you move your scalp over your skull you are effectively improving circulation which brings oxygen and healthy nutrients to the hair follicles. It is said by professionals that this movement loosen up any calcium deposits or any type of restriction in blood flow, that it can stop hair growth and ultimately this motion can help you to promote healthy new hair growth. I personally love this skull massage method, because it gets rid of any scalp tension my hair doesn't end up looking like a mess after it leaves me feeling super relaxed in the mornings and once I'm done my scalp feels extremely stimulated like it's warm and it feels tingly which is a nice feeling and also a good sign this is the perfect time to apply any hair growth treatment. 

If you're having trouble growing your hair out or if you're experiencing hair shedding then my next morning hair growth tip is to miss some Rosemary water on your scalp to promote extreme hair growth. Rosemary is literally in a stimulating herb meaning that it's proven for increasing circulation in the hair follicles which helps with hair regrowth and making your hair thicker and super healthy and the way you make this hair growth toner is very simple all you gotta do is to brew three tablespoons of dry rosemary leaves in two cups of water for 30 minutes, once a rosemary properties bond with the water and water looks brownish like this go ahead and strain the mixture and then store it in a spray bottle and right after you do the escal massage in the morning this is the time when you apply this to stimulate. Rosemary toner all over your scalp hair growth. I love using this Rosemary leave-on treatment in this way, because it doesn't leave my hair greasy afterwards and it's so easy to include in my morning hair care routine. I usually spray a little bit and focus most of the toner on the thinning areas and not on the ends of my hair, because I just don't want to have wet hair for the day that's all and by the way you can sort this toner up to a week and you can use it daily. 

If you want to but also four times a week, we'll still do wonders on your hair also making part of growing long healthy hair is sure that the ends of your hair are as healthy as next morning possible and Frida split in so my hair growth tip is oiling the ends of your hair daily with Argan Oil. I have many favorite oils but when it comes to protecting the ends of my hair argan oil is the best option the vitamin E and the Omega fatty acids found in Argan Oil not only provide moisture but also seals the cuticle and protects damaged hair shaft that is why this is the best oil to use daily as a way to prevent split ends and for keeping the ends of your hair very soft and hydrating during the day, so when it comes to application all you gotta do is to detangle your hair first and then you can use three drops of cold pressed Moroccan. Argan Oil or you can also use a hair serum that contains argan oil and then you're gonna apply it all over the ends of your hair massage. It gently and remember we don't wash this off I always use lightweight oils on the ends of my hair, so that I can use it daily and I don't end up with greasy ends. This is what keeps my hair detangle and prevents breakage between washes plus. I just absolutely love this smell. They add to my hair it's like a natural hair cologne so good for the rest of the day. It is important to ensure that your hair stays away from unnecessary friction and snapping, so that it can grow long and strong hair. 

My next morning hair growth tip is to tie your hair with silk hair scrunchies. If you don't know Silk hair ties can actually help you to preserve moisture levels on your hair to prevent frizz. They are super gentle on any hair type and if you struggle with Kinks on the back of your hair due to hair tie breakage. Silk hair ties can definitely help you to get rid of those creases over time. My favorite thing is the silk scrunchies don't pull my hair or cause any stress on the roots which is important for preventing hair loss and receding hairline. These are super comfortable to have them all day long and you can use them with basically any protective hairstyle which is amazing and look how cute it looks also. 

Most of these tips are basically the things that I do for my morning hair care routine scalp massages are the things that I never ever ever skipped scalp over skull massage technique. It has been a game changer so I really hope you guys learn and enjoy from this article. 

One Simple Way To Maintain The Health Of Your Hair And Scalp

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