How To Wash Your Hair With Eggs For Hair Growth

How To Wash Your Hair With Eggs For Hair Growth

Egg Hair Routine

In today's article, I'll be showing you how to do an egg hair mask in your hair wash routine. I do this at least once a month to restore hair's health and prevent breakage. 

Let's begin. So I'm going to begin my egg hair wash day by taking a few minutes to detangle my hair with this wooden comb. I start from the ends towards the roots. This is a very helpful thing to do before a shower because it reduces the amount of tangles after a wash and then protects my hair from the water and the stripping effect of shampoo. I'm going in with a few drops of pure avocado oil. I apply this on my entire hair. 

Once my hair is taken care of, I'm going to take this time to prepare the egg protein hair treatment before I hop in the shower to ensure the eggs you're going to put on your hair are fresh. I always soak them in water before making any hair mask to see if they're good. If the egg floats, that means they are rotten, and that's no bueno. If they stay at the bottom, that means they are fresh, and those are the ones we want to use because if you use rotten eggs, your hair will smell so bad for days. Trust me, we don't want that all right. For the egg hair mask, you're going to need to crack two fresh eggs. the yolk provides moisture and shine to the hair and the Egg wise most of the protein after this you're gonna add one tablespoon of lemon juice this is helpful for reducing oiliness and also this is what breaks down completely the egg smell at the end once you whisk everything very well this is how it should look and with this ready. 

let's hop in the shower under the warm water I'm just gonna let my hair soak in for one minute before shampooing when your hair gets dry not all the times means it needs moisture sometimes this is a sign and your hair needs protein to straighten the bonds so it doesn't lose the moisture you put in so if you're deep conditioning your hair and still is dry chances are your hair needs protein which is what I've been experiencing lately I have high porosity hair so my hair also gets brittle look slim nothing I use works and it gets even thinner than normal so when this happens I need a strong protein treatment like this egg hair mask to restore the strength and health of my hair in one wash for the egg hair wash you work your hair needs to be super clean and have the cuticles open to absorb the protein correctly so for this I'm going to shampoo for three minutes I like to use my fingertips and a Crossing motion and then I use my scalp exfoliator to remove any dead skin from my scalp right now I'm using viviscal gorgeous growth shampoo which I'm basically done with this bottle and I can't wait to get another one I fully recommend it if you have thin fine hair or just want a fabulous voluminous hair this thing will do it for you sis now it is time to rinse the shampoo very well I like to take one minute to do this and now that my hair is squeakily clean this is how we do the egg hair mask in the shower the less water you have in your hair the more protein your hair will absorb so it is important to remove the excess water with a microfiber towel be gentle when you do this then easen your hands you're gonna scoop in little amounts the Air Care mask all over your scalp and hair in this exact way 

I always start the application from the roots of my hair and then gradually move the egg towards the ends of my hair as you can see I use my fingertips as a comb to distribute the egg in a downward motion which makes it less chaotic won't cause singles and most hair will get the necessary protein protein is what your hair is made of so it is extremely  important for the health of your hair to have a balanced amount of protein in it to stay beautiful  and healthy the problem is over time hair loses protein so if you don't replenish the loss it  becomes weak and breakable so that is why protein treatments can fill up the gaps in the hair  cuticles and place a barrier around the hair shaft to lessen future damage and this is exactly what  it will help you to repair your hair reconstruct and straighten the strands as you can see. 

I have covered pretty much my whole hair and scalp in this eggy eggy stuff make sure to left this hair  mask sit on your hair for 15 minutes to allow the nutrients Biotin and protein from the egg to be  absorbed completely in your strands once time is up let's proceed to rinse off with warm water the egg mask out of your hair for one minute this is going to ensure no egg residue gets left on your hair and by the way warm water won't cook the egg on your hair at least nothing happened for me but it will be funny though if it happens anyways while I'm rinsing I just can't ignore how silky and heavy my hair feels at the moment love it most protein treatments should always be used with a deep conditioning mask or at least conditioner to seal and restore the moisture this also avoids your hair strands getting crunchy and stiff afterwards which we totally don't want so after rinse. 

I'm going in with meow Rosemary's threatening hair mask to seal the protein treatment so that all the goodies we just gave to our hair don't escape and make this process useless after this cover and leave this moisture treatment sit on your hair for 10 minutes in the meantime I'm going to clean my body shave and exfoliate now it is time to rinse a deep conditioner so make sure to do this last wash with cold water for 10 seconds this is going to wash off everything help to close the cuticles after using Warm Water by the way at this point my hair smells nothing like eggs smells actually really nice that's why I love to do this eggy wash in the shower I normally leave my microfiber towel for 50 minutes so that my hair is completely damp before I apply my after shower hair care products so as usual I'm going in with the ordinary hair density serum this thing has helped me so much to increase the density of my hair and to grow the bald spots on the temples so fully recommend  it after a protein treatment like this one it is important to use at least use hair serum to keep  sealing the cuticles so for this I'm going in with remilia the cosmo cap hair oil this is made with carotene and amino acid so the way I use it I just twist this little thing on the top squeeze half of it on my hand and then with my fingers I spread the oil from mid to end this is one of my favourite hair oils ever I use it to smooth out my hair to prevent split ends and to instantly get a sick shine it's gonna go dress up um let my hair air dry and I will show you my results  tomorrow because feeling very very drained next day this is how my hair looks it is super  hydrated smooth it has exactly the volume and the strength that my hair was lacking off before doing this protein treatment previously my hair was getting very Tangled unusual and now it is back to being super simple to detangle and to keep it in this way so if you have high porosity hair. 

I will suggest you to do this egg hair wash every other week to maintain the protein in your hair in optimal levels and if you have low porosity hair you can do this protein treatment with caution depending on the health and condition of your hair like explained before there are some signs and your hair might be lack of protein so I would suggest you to do the same wash only using the egg  yolk Which is less strong and more moisturising so then your hair gets some protein but not too much remember we all have different hairs so try and see how your hair reacts after every time I apply egg on my hair yes it's a little bit nasty a little bit I know it doesn't matter because I just love the results for me This egg care mask is a little bit stronger type of protein treatment than rice water. Let me know if you're going to try it out with the eggy eggy hair wash.

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