How To Use Crystal Hair Eraser At Home

How To Use Crystal Hair Eraser At Home

Crystal Hair Eraser

Hello friends today's article we're gonna try it out Crystal Hair Eraser. This is a tool that is supposed to remove any unwanted hair in a super gentle painless easy way and the results that you're supposed to get obviously no hair. Yes, wait a minute it's supposed to leave your skin super smooth with no ungrown hairs no bumpy skin or chicken skin or strawberry skin like your skin is just gonna be perfect as a hairy girl. I'm excited all right let's try this out.

First impression the product is very pretty like look at this sturdy but when I turn around and I do this on my finger is this the Nano Crystal stuff that I don't know this sounds and looks like sandpapers in the box. We have the instructions right here. 

First step is clean your body, so I just took a real quick shower get rid of all the creams that I put last night because your skin should be like Crystal Clean. 

Second step under moderate intensity simply rub the desired skin area with our Crystal Hair Eraser in circular motion. 

It is suitable for using for both men and women. Okay so let's do it what you're about to see is a very sexy hairy leg. I let about to see is a very sexy hairy leg. I let the hair on my legs to grow for a full month. Just for you so that I can give you guys the best review of this Crystal eraser ready. I'm gonna start with a little piece. Okay let's do our hair WOW wait a minute let's do right there, whoa oh this part feels very soft. I have to say I mean it's pointing my skin. Of course it should be smooth and soft. It's definitely taking the hairs. Do it here, let's try to get rid of those doesn't hurt nope. This is not painful at all and he got rid of them no hair where is it look at all the hairs right there that I got rid of it so it does remove the hairs first of all this looks like someone has done construction work on my legs. Drywall look how ashy my skin is I think it's the nanotechnology. 

Let's just do it here. I feel like this is not gentle at that party should I continue that was not good okay. It's one of those things that it kind of works but with a press it works from some areas it doesn't work on other areas on uneven areas it seems like this thread is not doing like a great job, because there are some hairs left there as you can see my skin feels really sensitive. Right now when I'm dropping this product I don't feel pain. Once I'm done rubbing this product on my skin. I feel the irritation growing on my skin those hairs are left behind. I cannot go again with this like. If I go again with this, I'm definitely gonna get a terrible rush. I feel like I'm already gonna get a terrible rest, so bonus I not really sure if this smooth feeling is gonna stay like this, this feels like I'm going to develop a razor burn honestly. I can't keep rubbing the Hair Eraser on my legs. I feel like I'm gonna get a horrible reaction. If I keep doing this my leas, feel like I just filed them all my legs feel like I just filed them all I'm worried is how my skin is going to look the next day, that's all as soon as the water touch my skin. I feel sting like it feels like when you scratch yourself with something and then you put water on it. It feels kind of similar this is the leg where I use the crystal Hair Eraser and this is the leg that I have been using when I look at my legs this is like the worst they ever looked after removing hair. Yes girl skin at this point is so irritated that it's not smooth anymore and it's actually like very bumpy. it looks like chicken skin. I feel like this is going to give me ingrown hairs product is not removing the hairs from the hair follicle and that is just an open window for ingrown hairs more strawberry skin more problems on your legs. This is going to skin more problems on your legs. This is going to be the cause of like you know hyperpigmentation as well because you're filing your skin with this thing you're not going to be able to use this product on other parts of your body except Just a few areas on your legs, you cannot use it on your armpits or your face or your bikini area. 

I try it, it was bad I've been on the knee area. It hurt so much the other thing is that you cannot hurt so much the other thing is that you cannot use this product every week. I was reading that you're supposed to use it like every two to three weeks. If you do it your skin is going to disappear. If you do you're probably gonna have a lot of scars a lot of redness terrible irritations are you kidding me and like I said the process is not painful and it does remove the hair as it says but it's not true that this is a gentle thing because maybe the process could feel gentle but afterwards that's when you're gonna feel the burn. 

I felt like I was filing my bones yes I don't think this is better than a razor to be very honest. I think razor is much better because with the razor you can actually prevent ingrown hairs by exfoliating before with eraser. I shaved my legs in like less than five minutes and I don't think this is better than other meds to be honest. It's kind of like a replace your waste of money. If you're trying to razor or other type of like hair removal with this exact product. I can't believe I rubbed this thing on my skin like I just can't believe it the only way that I'm gonna be using this product from now on is for filing my nails. Yes cream I mean it doesn't actually look pretty good I felt like they just um confuse the translation. I feel like this should have been a new file. if you ask me would I recommend this product absolutely anyways. 

I really hope you guys enjoy this article and thank you so much for reading.

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